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Angry Birds: A Closer Look

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Games

Admittedly,  I was a latecomer to the Angry Birds craze on the Android. I would repeatedly pass over this game when looking for a new game to play. I think in my mind, I was asking myself “how can a game about pissed off birds possibly be fun?”  Boy, was I wrong! I have been playing this game non-stop for weeks.

Right off the bat you are given the basic premise of the game, which is to destroy all of the green pigs on the board. To destroy these strategically placed pigs, you are given a few angry birds, and a slingshot. By using your finger to pull back on the slingshot, you can control the speed and direction that the bird will fly. This is greatly important because the pigs are rearranged during each level and hidden by various obstacles like ice, wood, or concrete. Using your projectile birds, you must determine the proper angle and velocity needed to destroy all of the pigs, with the allotted number of birds.

As the levels increase, so does the difficulty of the game. Thankfully, you are given different types of birds that provide you with more tools to complete the missions.  F0r example, after shooting a black bird from the sling it will explode like a bomb by tapping the touch screen. There are various birds that can bomb, multiply, and speed through these tough obstacles.

Many of the levels will take several attempts to beat, sometimes they seem impossible. You will be left scratching your head, wishing you paid more attention in middle school geometry class. The level of difficulty will leave you coming back for more abuse, as you will see that this game is wildly addicting. I have found myself playing for 30 to 40 minutes at a time when just looking to cure a few minutes of boredom. A great game while waiting at the doctor’s office, or airport. Be warned, this game is so addicting and frustrating it should be called “Angry People” instead of “Angry Birds”.


Market Rating: 4.5/5

My Rating: 5/5